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Welcome to Minh Phi Pearl - Premium Lashes

Minh Phi Pearl Co., Ltd. We  proud to be one of the leading companies in Vietnam in the field of manufacturing and supplying high-end eyelashes for domestic and foreign markets.

Nhà máy sản xuất mi nối lux beauty


1. What are the eyelashes made from?

The eyelashes are made from synthetic PBT.

2. Why some lashes shinier and some more matte?

One eyelash fiber is shine or matte is depends on the material of synthetic fibers. Cause of this classification is due to the preferences of the eyelash extension artist.

3. How many steps there are of eyelash extension making?

There are 6 steps

Selecting the suitable material for false eyelash

The false eyelashes were arranged in the fixed bars by workers

The workers will fix lash strips by glue strips and cut the length of lashes like your request

Making the lashes curl by roll them round the steel pipes. Then put the

steel pipes in the heaters and then drying them in the appropriate temperature to generate and keep curvature within 1 year.

The workers will unbind the lash strips from steel pipes and stick them on the lines.

Checking the lash product’s quality.

Packaging products

4. Why are the curls of your lashes different from our old ones?

Different brands have different curvature standards. When you buy from any suppliers, you should  ask them to check their curvature to ensure you are buying the correct product that you want.

5. Are all lashes handmade or they can be made by machines?

All lashes are handmade.

6. Transport
Method of transport: air shipping
Delivery time: 4 – 6 days
Shipping company: UPS, DHL, FedEx

7. Payment method
Paypal (we will charge 5% of the total amount of expenses that you pay)
Western union, Money gram.

8. Production time

50 trays: 5 days

50-100 trays: 7 days

100-200 trays: 7-12 days

200-500 trays: 13-15 days

500-1000 trays: 15-20 days

>1000 trays: > 20 days.

9. Shipping time:

Domestic transport by road.

Fast shipping 2-3 days

Shipping (normal service): 1 week

Worlwide (air shipping): 4-6 days.

10. Warranty:

1 year in Vietnam market.

6 months in foreign markets

Minh Phi Pearl Co., Ltd

Head Office: 469 Dien Bien Phu Street, Ward 3, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Hotline: +84 976 683 606
Whatsapp:+84 902 618 180
Facebook: Manufacturing False Eyelash